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Here are some of our favourite recipe ideas - we hope you enjoy them. You will need to have a PDF reader installed on your computer to read the recipes. Our recipes are arranged in groups:

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Christmas recipes

Christmas cooking is great for a little indulgence - with good dried fruit, you can make the best cakes ever! Home-cooking is always a good option when watching the pennies, and also makes a lovely Christmas present.

Christmas Pudding - A lovely, dark, shiny pudding.

Christmas cake - An old-fashioned Christmas cake.

Cranberry Christmas cake - A lighter touch for Christmas.

Mincemeat muffins - A different use for mincemeat.

Orgran gluten-free Christmas pudding - A special Christmas recipe from Orgran.

Orgran gluten-free panettone - Now you can enjoy this special Italian Christmas cake - gluten-free!

Festive wholefood dips - Some fun dips and spreads for Christmas and beyond.

Savoury recipes

Soda bread -A classic yeast-free Irish bread for all to enjoy.

Lentil puree- The perfect accompaniment to curry.

Hummus - A good easy dip.

Good shepherd's pies - A nice vegetarian alternative to shepherd's pie; for extra zip, use a little more paprika on the potatoes.

Black-eyed-bean bake - An easy, tasty and cheap supper dish.

Baba Ghanoush (Moutabal) - Aubergines as a party dip.

The Complete Organ No-Egg Replacer Recipe Booklet - Lots of uses for the Orgran No-Egg Replacer: the perfect recipe book for those with egg intolerances.

Squash with cannellini beans and pesto - An easy recipe for supper.

Green Thai curry - A great supper dish, served with Sanchi noodles.

Almond and cauliflower korma - A nice, mild vegetarian curry, using both ground and blanched almonds. For the best results, use Crazy Jack almonds.

Tabbouleh - - A fresh-tasting salad, made with bulgur wheat.

Tamari-roasted sunflower seeds- - A delicious snack!

Brazil-nut-stuffed mushrooms - A good dish to have with rice and a green salad.

Lemon couscous with paprika mushrooms - Using beans and couscous as a base, in a good wholefood dish.

Stuffed peppers - Try this with some of the wine you'll use in the recipe.

Pumpkin crunchy cereal - Try making your own cereal, varying the ingredients to get just the mixture you want.

Coconut rice - Coconut and rice make a great combination!

Green lentil curry - A simple curry, using lentils and spinach.

Soup Recipes

Beetroot and vodka soup - An interesting and different soup.

Pumpkin or butternut soup - A lovely warming soup, with a rich orange colour.

Minestrone soup - A great way to get those five-a-day veg we all need.

Garlic soup - A 'robust' soup: for best results, serve with some home-made bread.

Kohlrabi and fennel soup - A soup based on two of the lesser-used vegetables.

Lentil soup - A spicy-tasting soup.

Cashew fennel soup - Cashew makes an unusual addition to this soup.

Sauce recipes

Tomato sauce - Great for using up those spare tomatoes.

Sweet and sour sauce - A great favourite with adults and kids alike!

Pesto sauce - This goes really well mixed with freshly drained hot pasta. The faint-hearted can fry the garlic first, to moderate its power! Keeps well in the fridge.

Red onion, tomato and chilli relish - A thick, hot and very tasty relish.

Satay sauce - A great sauce with tofu or chicken.

Japanese cuisine by Sanchi

Japanese cooking is recognised as being particularly healthy. As we all become more adventurous in our cooking, Japanese cuisine has become increasingly popular. The recipes below give some easy first steps in Japanese cooking.

Rice with shiitake peas - A simple, easy recipe.

Winter-warmer Japanese style - A good winter recipe to try.

Tofu and shiitake stir-fry - A different kind of stir-fry - forget chicken for a change.

Hot sesame broccoli - Adds a bit of spice to broccoli.

Tofu banana ice-cream - A non-dairy ice.

Basic sushi nori - Sushi for beginners!

Miso tofu soup - A basic of Japanese cooking.

Sesame tofu stir-fry - Takes only minutes to cook.

Mexican dishes by Sabores Aztecas

Most of today's Mexican cuisine is based on pre-Hispanic traditions, combined with culinary trends introduced by the Spanish. In Mexico, food varies by region because of local climate and geography. The north is known for beef and other meat dishes, while south-eastern Mexico is renowned for its spicy vegetables and chicken-based dishes, with seafood commonly prepared in the style of Veracruz (with garlic, tomatoes and chilli).

Cactus salad - A salad with a twist!

Sauted cactus - More things to do with cactus.

Mexican scrambled eggs - Huevos a la Mexicana - scrambled eggs with a Mexican twist and a kick of chilli.

Mexican roast cod - Pescado al Horno - baked in the Mexican style.

Seafood salad - A special Mexican salad, known as the Back to Life (Vuelve a la Vida) salad!

Salad Recipes

Kohlrabi salad - Makes a great change from lettuce.

Couscous salad - Crazy Jack couscous salad.

Fruity rice salad - Crazy Jack fruit and rice salad.

Walnut and celery quiche - A good quiche to go with the salads you have just made!

Pudding recipes

Bakewell tart - A classic English pudding to enjoy anytime - I actually like to have it for breakfast!

Chocolate Bakewell tart - Try this variation on the Bakewell theme, and compare the two.

Chocolate roulade - This is a great-looking pud, and tastes even better.

Raspberry and elderflower cheesecake - Cheesecake with a difference.

Eggless chocolate mousse - A very quick and delicious recipe, with a taste that is not overly sweet.

Sticky toffee pudding - A classic good pud.

Apricot meringue pie - A twist on the usual lemon meringue pie.

Apricot crumble squares - Use Crazy Jack's ready-to-eat apricots.

Prune whip - An unusual name for a good pudding.

Cake Recipes

Chocolate Simnel cake - A delicious Easter chocolate cake.

Chocolate courgette Cake - This is a good one for using up a glut of courgettes. The cake freezes well and is very popular in our house! (Incidentally, you don't notice the courgette in the cake, a bit like the carrots in carrot cake.)

Carrot cake - A great cake to have with a mug of coffee.

My Favourite Fruit Cake - Just remember to soak the fruit overnight before making this delicious cake, which uses no butter or margarine. For best results, use organic ingredients!

Sumptuous sticky gingerbread - This recipe makes enough to fill one large roasting tin, or half a teenager home from school.

Chocolate fudge cake - This makes two halves of a magnificent, large, 8-inch (15 cm) sandwich cake. You need tins at least 4cm deep, lined with greaseproof paper. For small tins, use half the quantities.

Sesame thin biscuits - An easy sesame biscuit.

Date crunchies - You can also use apricots as a variation.

Cherry cake - A cake that keeps very well. As an alternative, replace some of the flour with ground almonds.

Chocolate torte (gluten-free) - A gluten-free chocolate torte, made with dark chocolate and ground almonds.

Gooey chocolate brownie - A really rich brownie that's just too gooey to come from anywhere but a home kitchen.

Dark chocolate mousse cake - A rich, dense, chocolate cake that's incredibly easy to make, but will always impress.

Date and walnut cake - A classic Crazy Jack recipe.

Sultana and Carrot Cake - A variation on the classic theme.

Raisin and peanut cookies - Using peanut butter and raisins, a classic American combination.

Carrot muffin cake with agave syrup - Carrots, nuts and spices!

Lemon muffin cake with agave syrup - A zesty muffin.

Magic muffins - Makes 12 muffins, or 6 monster muffins (kids' size).

Orgran Gluten-Free Recipes

The Orgran gluten-free range is a great base for your gluten-free cooking. This section uses a range of Orgran products to produce a comprehensive set of recipes.

Orgran apple pie - A great gluten-free apple pie recipe.

Orgran bagel- A gluten-free bagel - what more could you want?

Orgran scones - Make scones to have with cream and strawberry jam.

Orgran shortbread - A fantastic gluten-free recipe.

Orgran pitta wrap - Gluten-free, great for a change to sandwiches.

Orgran sultana bun - A tasty, filling snack.

Orgran No-Egg Replacer - A booklet full of recipes dedicated to cooking with the Orgran No-Egg Replacer.

Orgran Gluten-Free Pasta Recipes

Orgran Buckwheat - Buckwheat pasta spirals with mushroom and cooked prosciutto.

Hearty soup - A hearty pasta soup.

Orgran macaroni cheese - Gluten-free macaroni cheese.

Orgran Rice Spirals - Vegetable rice spiral pasta.

Orgran Spaghetti noodles - Rice and corn spaghetti noodles with a vegetable medley sauce.

Orgran seafood - Corn pasta spirals with seafood.

Orgran tuna mornay - Or try it with chicken.

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