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Bulk sales of wholefoods

It is important to eat well - but in these difficult economic times, it can be hard to stretch the family budget. One option is to buy some things in bulk and save money. Naturally Good Food started as a bulk-buying group, so we know the savings that can be made by buying large quantities. With our larger pack sizes, and standard 10% case discount, you can always be sure of a good deal.

We sell organic and non-organic wholefoods, and other natural products and foods, in bulk quantities. Most are available in 25kg quantities or are bagged down to 10kg, 5kg, 3kg and 1kg packs. We have our own Soil Association Organic Producers' licence and so are certified to pack our own organically sourced lines in a large variety of sizes.

See our Blogs on bulk purchase for some hints and tips.

Small business users

As we run a small food business ourselves, we understand the challenges involved: perhaps your normal wholesaler is out of stock, or does not carry a line you desperately need. At Naturally Good Food, we can fill this gap, providing that vital missing ingredient, be it a large bottle of vanilla extract or a sack of gluten-free flour.

Many small companies have a need for a regular supply of an individual product. If this is the case, then we are very happy to quote. Just let us know your requirements by telephone (02476 541990) or via email from our contact us form.

Saving money

You can save money, and still eat healthily, with our larger packs of organic wholefoods. Buying in bulk can offer significant savings, especially if you use a lot of a particular item: for example, buying a 10kg box of ground almonds is a major saving compared with buying lots of smaller packets.

We have 1kg packs of organic dried fruits, such as apricots and dates, giving you a great saving over the smaller pack sizes found in supermarkets. Our fast turnover ensures freshness and fantastic taste - particularly noticeable with organic nuts. Our brazils and cashews come to us vacuum-packed and are wonderfully crisp.

As well as saving money, you can have the satisfaction of reducing packaging by buying in bulk. Porridge and jumbo oats are available in 5kg bags, and our organic basmati rice in 5kg or 3kg bags is excellent value.

If you need even bigger packs, or you can't find what you want, just ring us for a price on 02476 541990.

Don't forget - you can order by the case for our standard 10% case discount.

Artisan producers/pubs and cafes

We are large enough to source and deliver what small-scale producers want - but also small enough ourselves to understand your needs. We can source larger tubs of certain products that might come in useful, for example:

Agave syrup savings - half price

If you can buy a large tub of a product, then savings are considerable. For example, a 25 litre tub of agave syrup is about half the price of the same quantity in 250ml jars (see agave price comparison). These sort of savings are common across a range of wholefoods. To see what we can do for you, let us know your requirements using our contact us page.

Sugar in 25kg sacks

Sugar has for generations been used as a preservative, and is therefore one of the best products to buy in a large sack. Our 25kg sacks of sugar offer outstanding value for money. You can almost guarantee they will not go out of date in your cupboard! They are also really good value for the small artisan baker or food producer. At Naturally Good Food, we offer a great range of sugars designed for baking, food production and for home use.

For more detail, see our Blog on large sacks of sugar.

At Naturally Good Food we look to offer the best wholefoods
and free-from foods to match your larder and your purse.

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