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Woodlands is a family-owned business set in the heart of beautiful Dorset countryside. Woodlands Dairy  are proud to produce their own award-winning yoghurts from flocks fed on a natural diet. Their range of sheep and goats' milk yoghurts offers a simple, delicious fresh snack and a healthy, great-tasting alternative to cow dairy products.

In the old days when we had a shop Woodlands were one of our favourite products, but as we are now just an on-line shop we only stock their dried sheeps milk. This an ideal product for those on the move who are intolerant to cows milk, also a good way to secure a source of sheeps milk which is not always available.

Convenient and virtually fat-free, Woodlands Dairy skimmed sheep's milk powder provides a great alternative to cow's or goat's milk, and is an excellent source of calcium. It's Vegetarian Society approved and additive-free too.

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