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Rizopia fantasia pasta Made with 100% wholegrain gluten free brown rice this is a glorious range of wholesome and healthy pasta. The texture is similar to 'normal' pasta and they keep their shape well in cooking. Choose from spaghetti, maceroni (elbows), lasagne, penne, and the amazing fantasia, with 18 shapes.


Rizopia pasta

Rizopia rice pastas are nutritious, easy to digest and very tasty. They are all-natural, made only with rice and water, and thus contain all the essential vitamins and minerals of rice grains, as well as their natural texture and tenderness.

Because of the great taste, aroma, nutrients and texture, you can be confident that this will be 'the pasta' for everyone in your family. Rizopia rice pastas are ideal for those with a family history of wheat allergies, or with common wheat-intolerance problems, or simply for those who want a healthier body.


A 10% discount is available on all cases of Rizopia products. When you order a case, the discount will automatically be applied.


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