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Provamel or as it is labelled in the supermarkets Alpro is the European pioneer in the development of mainstream soya-based food and drinks. For over 25 years, Alpro has been championing a healthier, more sustainable way of producing tasty products that conserve the unique nutritional value of soya beans.

Today, Alpro employs directly over 760 people and indirectly over 2,000 people, via partnerships through the whole of Europe. Alpro is continuing to grow, as the market recognises the value of its brand and what it stands for.

Natural, transparent, sustainable: that’s how Alpro aims to put a measure of trust back into the food business.


The production process

From the soya bean to Provamel soya Products

Alpro firmly believes in the unique nutritional properties of soya, with the whole production process respecting the raw material. The company's plant in Wevelgem, Belgium, is the largest and most highly developed of its kind in Europe.

Alpro bases itself on a unique 'whole soya bean process', which uses no chemicals during extraction. Alpro also uses no genetically modified (GM) beans. To ensure this - as well as to maintain the highest quality levels - the company traces production from the farm to the shop. The result is a pure, natural and chemical-free product.

Some 35 people work on quality control every day, maintaining standards that have earned Alpro ISO 9001 and HACCP certification.

The company's singular approach ensures ample supplies of the right product.

The Alpro range can also be seen in our Provamel section.


The Provamel Range by Mail Order


We stock a range of Provamel dairy free products, these include :


  • Dairy Free Deserts - including the best stand by custard, not quite as good as the home made; but nevertheless good, and ideal in the evening when you've just got in from work.
  • Dairy Free Milks - a range of soya based drinks, including shakes in a variety of flavours, these small cartons are great for a lunch box, easy to use and have a good shelf life.

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