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Plamil Vegetarian and Vegan products by Mail order


Plamil by mail order

Plamil supply egg-free mayonnaise, dairy-free chocolate and carob, and quality alternatives to milk. Plamil chocolate is vegan and gluten-free and uses xylitol as a sweetener.

We offer Plamil in catering sizes for the artisan baker.

Plamil started with nutrition, ethics and the environment high on the agenda. Originally the company was set up in the 1960’s to produce an alternative to dairy milk, producing milk from plants, the original ‘soya milk’ called Plant Milk. Plant Milk then became Plamil Foods. Gradually from those early years Plamil has diversified to manufacturing a whole range of foods that you see today.


Plamil Products Stocked

At Naturally Good Food we stock a large range of Plamil Products, all available by mail order. Included in the range is:

  • Plamil chocolate - this is almost a ‘guilt free indulgence’. The range we stock includes luxury mini chocolate bars together with dairy freeorganicno added sugar chocolate and carob bars, and scrumptious organic chocolate spread there’s truly something for everyone’s taste. From the sophisticated dark chocolate to a chocolate spread for the kid's toast.
  • Plamil Mayo Range The Plamil Mayonnaise range is just delightful in taste. Unlike most Mayonnaise the Plamil range is egg free and so is perfect for a vegan diet, or for those who have an allergy to eggs. With no egg, so everyone including those seeking to avoid eggs can enjoy! Becoming ever more popular, the increasing awareness and diagnosis of egg allergy mirrors Plamil’s experience when it first introduced soya milk back in the 1960’s. Manufacturing alternatives to egg based mayo is a natural progression from soya milk, meeting demand for tasty egg free foods. Our Rice based mayo provides a fantastic alternative to both egg & soya based mayo. Plamil’s leading egg free mayo range is a best seller; you only have to taste it to see why. For the Artisan cook or small restaurant the larger tubs of Egg Free Mayonniase is just perfect.
Artisan Food

Plamil Range for Artisan Food Producers

For the Artisan Food Producer or small restaurant the Plamil range offers many opportunities, these include:

  • Catering Packs of Chocolate  - these range in size from 1kg to 7.5kg and are available as drops so they are perfect for cooking. They are also great for the serious domestic cook who wants great quality and a good price; we always have a bag in the larder for making a quick chocolate mousse.
  • Mayonnaise - the tubs of Mayonnaise are a great start for making salads on a small commercial scale, but perhaps a little too large for domestic use.


At Naturally Good Food we look to offer the best wholefoods
and free-from foods to match your larder and your purse.

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