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Pitrok Crystal deodrant by Mail Order



Body odour is caused by bacteria breaking down the waste material in perspiration. PitRok's bacteriostatic action works by inhibiting bacterial growth on your skin, not by masking odour or blocking pores. No bacteria means no odour, and your clothes stay fresher too. PitRok works with your body - not against it.

PitRok Crystal is available as a simple crystal, or in a convenient push-up holder. The crystal also forms the base of the sprays. Simply apply immediately after your bath or shower to protect against bacterial growth. When using the crystal, you may find it easier to apply the dry crystal to wet skin – otherwise, the crystal must first be moistened with clean water. All that is left is an invisible layer of mineral salts. You can't see it or feel it, but PitRok keeps working all day long. There is no stickiness or residue. It leaves no white marks on clothing - not even on black. Effective on feet too!


Kind to you - great for sensitive skin

PitRok does not contain aluminium chlorohydrate or aluminium zirconium that many people find irritating. PitRok does not block pores - so does not interfere with the elimination of toxins.


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