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Orgran is Gluten free, Yeast Free, Dairy Free, nut and soya free. Great tasting foods for all ages delivered in the UK and Europe.

10% off the full Orgran range, when you buy a case of any one product. 


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Orgran is Gluten free, Yeast Free, Dairy Free, nut and soya free. Great tasting foods for all ages

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Get 10% off the full Orgran range, when you buy a case of any one product. See the whole range

Orgran gluten-free foods by mail order

We work with Orgran Australia to offer the complete range in the UK by mail order.

The Orgran range is tailor made for those with allergen sensitivities. This comprehensive range of gluten-free foods is unique as the products are made in buildings that are designed specifically to make gluten-free products. The equipment used has also been designed especially for manufacturing gluten-free products, and this expertise and attention to detail shows in the quality of the finished products.

Orgran also takes account of other food sensitivities, such as milk and egg allergies. The whole range is thus gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, egg-free, yeast-free, GMO-free and vegan. Orgran is a leading brand wholly focused on health and nutrition. Its roots are in its founding philosophy to assist people in improving their health and to provide nutritional alternatives for those with special dietary requirements.

Orgran available on prescription

You may qualify to receive Orgran on prescription if you are a diagnosed coeliac. However, different parts of the UK have different practices for prescribing gluten-free food for coeliacs - check with your own area.

We supply the Orgran range to chemists and pharmacies: for further details, follow the link above.

The attached PDF document provides a list of the full Orgran range and the prescription list (PIP) codes. You can use this to keep your GP and pharmacy up to date with your current needs.

Orgran PIP codes - prescription list (PIP) codes are what the UK pharmacy system uses to identify each individual product, avoiding confusion. Normally, however, your pharmacist will simply order the product by name, for example, requesting 'two buckwheat spirals'.

For a prescription coeliac welcome pack please ring 02476 541990.

Some of the product names for the Orgran range have recently changed, causing some confusion at a few surgeries. All the products are still available, so please ask your surgery to amend your prescription.

Orgran product information

The files below may be of use for you to check the allergy and ingredient list for Orgran products.

Allergy information


Orgran product information


Orgran ingredient list

Orgran nutrition information

Grain info 

Orgran Kosher certificate 


Don't forget: the whole Orgran range is gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, egg-free, yeast-free, GMO-free and vegan.


Below you will find some basic information on the Orgran range:

  • Self-Raising Flour: Orgran Self-Raising Flour is an easy to use, all-purpose flour. Developed with similar characteristics to wheat flour, this product also boasts similar functional properties, to ensure suitability for most recipes. Orgran Self-Raising Flour can be substituted into any traditional recipe, to make your favourite cakes, biscuits, scones and much more.
  • Plain Flour: Orgran All-Purpose Plain Flour is ideal for baking, batters, thickening and desserts. Developed with similar characteristics to wheat flour, this product has similar functional properties, ensuring suitability for most recipes requiring plain flour. 
  • Gluten-Free Bread Mix: the Orgran Gluten-Free Bread Mix is a convenient and versatile bread mix. It does not contain dairy products or cane sugar, and you do not need to use eggs to produce a full, crusty loaf that you can slice, freeze, toast and enjoy in the same way as ordinary wheat-based bread. For variation, you can add sultanas, dried fruit or nuts.
  • Alternative Grain Wholemeal Bread Mix: this wholemeal bread mix with psyllium is a convenient, versatile mix. It provides coeliacs and those with food intolerances with the fibre that they need, and is a completely natural product without the addition of dairy, eggs or yeast.
  • Orgran pasta: the Orgran range of alternative grain pasta is one of the most comprehensive ranges available, offering unsurpassed taste, versatility, nutrition and variety. The pasta is produced through traditional methods to retain natural flavours and to ensure that the end results offer the highest biological benefits for consumers of natural foods and for those on specialised diets. Orgran pasta products are also certified Kosher.
  • Orgran Essential Fibre: the Orgran Essential Fibre range means that it has never been easier or more delicious to add fibre to your diet. The Essential Fibre range includes pasta, crispbreads and biscuits.
  • Orgran Kids Range: an exciting range of treats and lunchbox snacks, designed to taste great and to reassure parents that the products also offer nutritional benefits. Added fibre, non-dairy calcium and complex carbohydrates are some of the features of the products in the range. The Orgran Kids range is nut-free, soy-free, gluten-free and dairy-free.

Orgran hints and tips 


Orgran pasta

Cooking with gluten-free pasta is not too different from cooking wheat pasta. It is important to follow the instructions on the pack and use the recommended cooking time.

Three easy steps

Step 1: For every 250g packet of Orgran pasta you will need 5 litres of boiling water. Bring the water to a rolling boil and then add the pasta. Although the pasta does not need salt or oil, it may be added to the water to taste.

Step 2: Stir gently and continue to boil for the time indicated on the pack. Then taste and check the pasta has reached your preferred consistency. Each Orgran variety has a recommended cooking time stated on the pack, but this can vary slightly depending on the temperature of the water.

Step 3: Strain the pasta through a colander and rinse gently under warm running water. Serve immediately with your favourite sauce.

Orgran Lasagne
Orgran Lasagne sheets are instant, provided they are layered with adequate sauce and moisture and baked in a foil-covered tray. Note: Excess liquid sauce can cause overcooking.

Orgran Bread Mix
Orgran Easy Bake Bread Mix can provide great results baked in a conventional oven. Follow the directions below to use the mix:

To 450g ORGRAN Gluten-Free Bread Mix, add 425ml (14.3 US fl.oz) of hot water (70oC or 160oF), and 30ml of vegetable oil.

1/ Preheat conventional oven to 180oC (350oF). Preheat fan oven to 165oC (325oF).

2/ Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix, ensure the sides are scraped and that all flour has been mixed thoroughly. An electric mixer may be used.

3/ Immediately spoon the mix into an oiled loaf tin measuring 22cm x 12cm (9 x 5in).

4/ Allow loaf to stand in a warm area until the dough has risen to just above the top of the tin.

5/ Bake for 35-40 minutes or until a skewer inserted in the centre of the loaf comes out clean.

6/ Remove from the tin as soon as possible and allow to cool on a cake rack for 20 minutes before slicing.

 Hints and Tips

· Bread can be microwaved to freshen after storage.
· Baked loaf is best used within two days.
· Baked bread can be frozen in an airtight freezer bag.

Orgran All-Purpose Pastry Mix

Puff pastry hints and tips

Make sure you follow the directions on the Orgran packet: don’t try to take shortcuts when making this pastry!
Do not use margarine. To achieve the flaky layers associated with puff pastry you will need to use a hard fat such as butter (diet permitting) or vegetable shortening.
When using butter, make sure you have had it out of the fridge for about 30 minutes, so that it is not too hard when rolling it into the dough. However, it must still be firm and slightly cold.
Make sure your utensils and equipment are cold.
Make sure you leave the pastry in the freezer for the prescribed time between each rolling.
If the edges of the pastry become too hard after being in the freezer, using your rolling pin to gently ‘work’ the pastry until it softens.
While working the pastry, the butter may become ‘sloppy’ and the pastry difficult to work with. If this happens, put the pastry back in the freezer for 5-10 minutes so the butter can firm up slightly.
While rolling the pastry, avoid dusting the working surface with flour, as this may not give the best results. You can use flour to alleviate the stickiness, but you must ensure that all traces of the flour are removed before continuing (otherwise the pastry will absorb the flour and may become tough).
When working the pastry, be gentle – do not overwork.
If the dough becomes sticky, chill in the fridge to let it harden again.
Do not roll the pastry out too thinly when folding, as the dough may be over-extended.
Manual pasta machines with rollers can be used to roll out pastry sheets to the desired thickness.

Shortcrust pastry hints and tips

Ensure that your butter (diet permitting) is not too firm – you want to be able to squeeze it with your fingers. However, you don’t want it too soft: it should not turn into ‘mush’. 
Additional water may be needed to achieve the desired consistency.
The rolled pastry sheets will be quite delicate, and will need to be handled carefully when placing into a pie dish. Alternatively, the pastry dough can be pressed into the pie or baking dish, or you can follow the recipe below which includes egg (diet permitting).
It is usually best to ‘blind bake’ pastry shells prior to adding the filling, to stop the pastry absorbing too much moisture and going soggy. Place the pastry shell into a pre-heated oven at 210°C for 10-15 minutes or until golden brown

Pastry mix FAQ

Can I make a vegan version?

For puff pastry in particular, hard solid fats such as vegetable shortening are required to achieve the ‘flaky’ texture of puff pastry and can be used in place of butter. Soft margarine-type products will not work.

Can I use margarine to make puff pastry?

No. Using margarine will not result in the traditional flaky layers associated with puff pastry. You need to ensure that a hard fat, such as butter or vegetable shortening, is used as directed.

Can I store the prepared pastry sheets in the freezer?

Sheets of pastry can be prepared and stored in the freezer. If you are storing sheets in the freezer, they must be thoroughly wrapped to prevent them drying out. When the sheets are required for baking they can be removed from the freezer and made up as required.

Orgran recipes

Orgran produce a number of very interesting recipes. Below is a PDF file with some great ideas that use the Orgran egg replacer. In addition to the Orgran-inspired recipe ideas below, we stock two Orgran recipe books:

  • Cakes, Muffins and Loaves: a great cookbook, containing over 100 pages of gluten-free cake, muffin and loaf recipes for you to enjoy. With clear and easy-to-use instructions, using tried and tested Orgran ingredients, and with mouthwatering photographs, this book will quickly become a part of your kitchen collection.
  • Breads, Buns and Pancakes: the second cookbook in the gluten-free cookbook series, 'Breads, Buns and Pancakes', has over 140 recipes for the perfect gluten-free bread.  

See our blogs on Orgran Recipes

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