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Naturya sports supplements by Mail Order - see the rangeNaturya offers a comprehensive selection of the world's finest and most popular superfoods- nutrient rich and additive free! Naturya are among a range of Superfood producers we stock at Naturally Good food, for a more comprehensive review od the varios options take a look at our Superfoods page.


Naturya Products from Naturally Good Food

Founded in 2009, Naturya has quickly grown into a leading brand of power foods (Superfoods). They are based in offices are on the outskirts of Bath in the beautiful village of Southstoke and we are lucky to have fantastic views across the Midford valley. Which some how chimes with our wonderful views of the Avon Valley and the wildllife.

Naturya strive to run our business both ethically and respectfully. As all responsible companies should have they have good, ongoing relationships with all their suppliers, from whom we source consistently high quality products at prices that are fair and sustainable. Their products are packed in a purpose built, Soil Association approved unit in Wales. 

Nature or the Lab

Naturya consider their products all owe a debt to nature rather than the clever food technology of a lab. All are easy to consume and part of a wider, virtuous circle that venerates simplicity as a pathway to health and longevity. Naturya are happy that their range has been embraced so successfully by many of the key players in the Health Food market both in the UK and in Europe.


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