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Meridian Foods by Mail Order - Their mission is to produce healthy foods that are convenient to use and offer excellent value for money. They are prepared using a small scale, batch process, which preserves the true taste of the wholly natural ingredients. Meridian's extensive range, which includes fruit spreads, fruit juices, pasta and pasta sauces, nut butters, dressings and oils, are all free from artificial ingredients and preservatives.


Established in the hills of North Wales in 1974, Meridian have always been supporters of the organic and environmental movements. 

All Meridian products are suitable for vegetarians and many are suitable for vegans, diabetics and those suffering from food allergies.

Meridian Foods believe that eating a healthy, organic diet should not mean compromising on what you eat.

Environment and Meridian Foods

Meridian Foods make maximum use of innovations in modern, environmentally friendly technology to ensure that the natural environment remains protected.

And to make sure you get the best in taste, Meridian Foods source ingredients from around the globe, ensuring that their recipes are as authentic as they are healthy and tasty.

Meridian Foods discount

If you buy a case of Meridian Foods from Naturally Good Food, you'll get a 10% case discount - so for some great deals, buy by the case! Don't forget that some Meridian lines come in larger sizes; with these, not only do you get the 10% case discount, but it is better value all round, because the pack size is larger.

Meridian product information

The following notes on the Meridian range may be of use to you:

Molasses: both the Meridian Organic Blackstrap Molasses and Natural Pure Cane Molasses are unsulphured. They are both made from fully ripened sugar cane, which does not require sulphur to be used in the extraction process.

Palm Oil: palm oil is now only used in Meridian hazelnut and brazil nut butters. Unfortunately, Meridian are unable to manufacture these nut butters without the addition of palm oil, which helps to set the product (without it, the butter produced would be a completely fluid product). There is currently no alternative to palm oil available. Meridian Foods are fully aware of the environmental impact of sourcing palm oil in certain global regions. Therefore, they only use palm oil sourced from sustainable plantations in South America. No palm oil is used in the peanut, almond, cashew and pumpkin seed butters, nor in their tahinis.

Nut Butter Recipes

Here are some great Nut Butter Recipes and let's not forget that Elvis's favourite treat was a Peanut and Butter sandwich!


At Naturally Good Food we look to offer the best wholefoods
and free-from foods to match your larder and your purse.

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