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Infinity Foods by Mail Order - The full range of lovely Infinity Foods wholefood and gluten-free ranges online; we are increasingly offering more of their products. Infinity Foods are a workers co-operative - the company is jointly owned and democratically run by its members

Infinity Foods available Online

Infinity Foods by Mail Order

Infinity Foods are strongly committed to promoting organic food; they've been at the forefront of introducing organic choice to the British consumer since 1971. All their 'own brand' organic products are certified by the Soil Association (as are all lines packed by Naturally Good Food).

Alongside their ever-expanding range of organic products, Infinity specialise in Fairtrade, vegetarian, gluten-free and special dietary products.

Coming from a commercial environment, it took some time for us to get used to working with Infinity. But they do what they say on the tin, and this makes them a good company to deal with, both ethically and from a personal point of view. (In addition, their price list always contains a joke or two, which makes a great change and lightens the day!)

Infinity Foods have over 30 years' experience in supplying organic foods

Over the years, their reputation for quality and choice has established Infinity Foods as one of the UK's leading organic foods brands. 
Infinity brand products include:

  • dried fruit
  • nuts and seeds
  • grains, beans and pulses
  • speciality muesli
  • gluten-free flours

Complete Infinity range by mail order

Currently, we stock a large part of the Infinity range on our website. We also have access to their entire product range, so if you can't find what you want, let us know and we can order it for you. If you are a small artisan producer, for example, and perhaps can't reach the minimum order size for an Infinity delivery, then we can help.

We have deliveries from Infinity at least twice a week, so we are never that far from receiving new stock.

Gluten-free lines from Infinity


Unlike many brands, the Infinity gluten-free products come with the 'cross-grain' symbol, meaning that you can be sure you are getting a completely gluten-free product.

  • Infinity gluten-free flours - Infinity offer a good range of gluten-free flours in 500g packets. Perfect if you want a limited quantity of flour: enough to cook with, but not so much that it goes out of date.
  • Infinity gluten-free grains - we stock a number of gluten-free grains from Infinity in our complete range of gluten-free grains (many of these grains are also organic). With this ultimate choice of grains, you can buy from just one source and have the most varied diet possible - in the easiest way.

Infinity pre-packs and snack packs

The growing range of pre-packs from Infinity Foods offers the chance to try new and exciting healthy and organic snacks. These include Organic Cranberry Mix and Goji Berry Hi-Energy Mix, as well as a tasty new range of naturally flavoured cashew nuts.

Packaging is an important issue for Infinity, as it is for Naturally Good Food. The Infinity range of snack packs is packed in environmentally friendly Natureflex film. This is produced from wood pulp harvested from carefully managed plantations and is 100% biodegradable.

Our full range of snack packs can be seen on our snack pack page.


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