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ecomil - no dairy products by mail order. All Ecomil ingredients and products are controlled and certified organic in accordance with EU regulations. The use of organic ingredients ensures the best quality of raw material, grown without artificial chemicals or GM technology and with no artificial additives during production and processing.


Ecomil by mail order

Ecomil is the European leader in organic nut drinks. The aim of the company is to develop nutritionally sound products that respond to specific dietary needs, as well as forming part of a healthy diet in general.

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Ecomil was founded at the beginning of the 1990s and has established itself at the forefront of new developments in the non-dairy sector, with a wide range of non-dairy milk alternatives. This new generation of non-dairy drinks presents several advantages over other alternatives.

Quality control

Ecomil has developed an exhaustive quality control system, with the aim of eliminating faults throughout the production process.

Each production is controlled by a HACCP system, with additional continuous controls by the company's Quality Department, which include:

- suppliers' control
- formulation control
- finished products control
- daily production plant control

Ecomil's products are also controlled by independent control bodies and laboratories.

Care for the environment and for nature is a constant principle for Ecomil and is present in all of their procedures, including their packaging and recycling policies.

The principles of organic farming are part of Ecomil's working philosophy.

EcoMil Nutritional Information

EcoMil are one of the few companies we have come across who go that extra mile to provide every bit of nutritional information they can, the PDF below is very extensive and covers the whole range

EcoMil Nutritional Information


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