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see the range of cocoa loco products we stock. If you love chocolate, you'll become a lover of Cocoa Loco chocolate, spreading the message that scrumptious handmade chocolate can be 100% ethical too. Here are 5 Cocoa Loco chocolate facts you may find interesting. They make a great gift, modest, ethical and scrummy.


Cocoa Loco by Mail Order

In October 2013 we had some sample lines from Coco Loco, as we often do with sample lines we have a small taste and then leave the rest out for everone to taste. If at the end of the day if there here is

  • some left then the product is perhaps not quite right for us,
  • if at the end of the day nothing is left then this is possibly a product for use, but
  • if wiithin the hour there is none left then we regard this as a great product

CocoLoco was one of those product ranges that no one seemed to get a second sample.

About Cocoa Loco

The CocoLoco team is small that live, breathe, dream and sleep chocolate but it has to be Fairtrade and organic all the way! Well we all have to dream after all.




  • CocoLoco are proud to be a great British business operating in the heart of West Sussex at their purpose-built and aptly named Chocolate Barn.

  • CocoLoco chocolate is single origin, lovingly handmade in small batches by skilled chocolatiers. It is superb quality, artisan, tasty, scrumptious and although they don’t often enter competitions it has won many national awards.

  • You won't find Cocoa Loco in any of the major supermarkets.  

  • As you would expect, we make bitter-sweet velvety dark chocolate, the most luscious smooth and creamy white chocolate plus milk chocolate so moreish you need to ration yourself. But recognising that you like to broaden your chocolate palette we also make a range of divine naturally flavoured bars including... white and raspberry, white rose geranium with a whisper of geranium oil, milk and orange with zingy Italian oranges, milk and brazil (whole brazils, never slivers), milk with our handmade sesame snap and honey, dark and nib packed with antioxidants plus the intriguing dark with sunflower seeds and sea salt. And more!!

  • The range extends beyond bars and into exquisite truffles, big fat milk, dark and white chocolate buttons, intensely rich and dark chocolate brownies, nutty flapjacks, cookies and so much more. We make everything by hand for you with the same painstaking attention to detail.


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