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Click on the link to see the Carley products we stock. Carley’s of Cornwall Ltd is a manufacturing company 100% dedicated to making a range of lovely organic foods. Carley’s started manufacturing because they wanted to produce a range of interesting and distinctive organic products initially just to sell in their own shop. From there, they expanded!

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The business started in 1974 as a wholefood shop opened by Bill Scott, called 'The Granary'. That little shop has given rise to several businesses in Cornwall, including The Granary wholesalers, at least two other independent shops, and Carley's Organic Foods itself.

Many years ago Bill moved on to follow his love of the stage and now runs 'Miracle Theatre'. Miracle Theatre is well known in Cornwall and many other parts of the UK. If you get a chance to see a Miracle show you must! Be warned, it can be habit-forming!

Carley's raw range

Carley's have been making raw products since they started business in the 1980s. Their fresh pesto, for example, uses locally grown basil prepared on the day of harvest. Carley's ask their suppliers to ensure that the nuts and seeds used in their raw range have not been heated during harvest or primary processing. The organic nuts and seeds are then stored at Carley's in their cool store and chilled to below 5°C before milling. When milling, the product temperature is checked all the time to keep it below 44°C. Both of the company's big new mills are air-cooled, and are fitted with thermal cut-outs which stop the machines above a pre-set temperature.



Carley's joined the Soil Association in the 1980s, and gained their licence in 1992. They make organic products because they believe wholeheartedly in the rightness of the organic movement.

They have always advocated the benefits of organic foods, and want to be 'part of the solution, not part of the problem'!

Organic nut butters

The nut butters all:

  • have no added sugar
  • have no added salt
  • can be stored without refrigeration until they are opened
  • are vegan

Many are 'raw': cool-milled below 44°c from unroasted nuts.

Organic seed butters

We stock Carley's organic seed butters. All:

  • are gluten-free 
  • have no added sugar 
  • have no added salt, or a very little added salt in the case of roasted pumpkinseed (0.2%) 
  • can be stored without refrigeration until they are opened 
  • are vegan

In addition, most are made from unroasted seeds.


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