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Click on the link to see the range of Artisan Grains we stock. Artisan Grains believe that natural foods form the basis of healthy living. We agree with them that natural grains, seeds and pulses are not only versatile, but can be amazingly nutritious and delicious. To see further packet meal options, click on the link.


Artisan Grains: a new move

There are still not enough people enjoying natural grains, seeds and pulses - the wonderful staples of a healthy life. There are lots of reasons for this: in the view of Artisan Grains, one of the obstacles to the greater purchasing of wholefoods is what tends to be uninspiring packaging, with poor on-pack communication.

Artisan Grains want to make these products more appealing, to their new and existing customers alike. They have therefore reinvigorated their offering, with bright, attractive packaging and better on-pack communication and education.

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