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Organic September

Added on August 30th, 2013
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What is Organic September?

Organic September is the Soil Association’s annual celebration of organic food, farming and lifestyle. It’s held around harvest time – and all around us here in Warwickshire, the crops in the fields are being taken in. The theme for this year’s Organic September is ‘Small Changes, Big Difference’. We’re doing our bit in two ways: by introducing a ‘refer a friend’ scheme, and by providing more support to buying groups, which are a great way of supporting organic food in your area and saving money too.

We’ve sold and supported organic food for over a decade because we believe that it makes a big difference to your health, to the planet, and to the welfare of the farmers who produce the food we eat. As if that wasn’t enough, it tastes great as well – you can really tell the difference, especially with organic dried fruit and nuts. Read the rest of this entry »

Is 5 a day really enough?

Added on August 12th, 2013
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We all know the ‘five a day’ message. Nice and clear – one portion for every finger, and, as they suggest in Australia, the portion size should nicely cover the palm of your hand. It was back in the late 1980s that the ‘5 a day’ campaign began, and it’s now one of the most widely recognised healthy eating messages.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean it’s been wholly successful. Ten years in, the average intake is apparently 3 and a half portions (and one of my children is doing her level best to lower that further). The government’s former chief medical officer, Sir Liam Donaldson, describes the campaign as ‘partially successful’:

‘The middle classes did listen, and the supermarkets listened and they tend to respond to the middle class consumer particularly. I think it’s been less successful in reaching the disadvantaged communities where those levels of fruit and vegetables were already low. It’s a long-term project. It’s the right project.’

There have, of course, been a few issues and difficulties along the way: Read the rest of this entry »

Why do YOU buy organic?

Added on July 10th, 2013
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The UK’s Food Standards Agency isn’t all that keen on organic food. Their directors occasionally pop up in the media stating that there’s no good nutritional reason to buy organic food. I caught one of them on the radio the other day – as I drove past the organic farm shop just before reaching our own organic mail-order business. Clearly, some people haven’t got the message – they really do still want to buy organic! I wondered exactly why this was, and did some asking around.

‘I don’t like people monkeying around with my food’ said one lady. ‘I do it for the taste’, said another, ‘the carrots taste like they used to on my granddad’s allotment’. A gentleman said that he did it primarily ‘to avoid residues’. Another family felt that it was simply ‘a more natural way to produce food’.

After researching it all a bit more online, I came up with the following firm reasons to buy organic – they convince me, and obviously, convince our customers too!

  • Organic food contains no controversial additives, such as hydrogenated fats, tartrazine, aspartame or MSG. Only 30 carefully monitored additives are permitted across the whole range of organic food, and none of these have been linked to ill health.
  • Organic food production avoids the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers. Not only does this mean that the resultant end product should be free of any residue from these, but it also leads to a reduction in the otherwise heavy use of fossil fuels to produce these pesticides, and doesn’t result in harmful ‘run-off’ from these fertilisers and pesticides into waterways.
  • A farming environment that avoids synthetic fertilisers and pesticides is a much more welcoming place for wildlife and promotes biodiversity and sustainability.

Read the rest of this entry »

Spring Fever at Naturally Good Food

Added on April 27th, 2013
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‘It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want – oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!’ So said Mark Twain, and I think we all know what he meant.

And Spring really is here now – so what is it that we all want? Here are our top 10 spring ideas from Naturally Good Food:

  • A walk in the spring sunshine, with a bit of a breeze blowing and the clouds scudding over the hills. Take some dried fruit and nuts to nibble on – check out our new snack pack range.
  • A holiday booked for the summer – a mental guarantee that somewhere, someday, it will be truly hot. And when it is, don’t forget to stock up on our natural Sun Protection and After-Sun.
  • A more streamlined, slim body – once we’ve thrown off the thick jumpers and walking socks. Make sure you get your carbohydrate requirements from wholegrains – brown rice and wholewheat pasta, for example, so that you’re not tempted to snack pointlessly between meals.
  • A new challenge, to meet the stirrings in our blood! Think of 1 big thing, 1 medium-sized thing and 1 small thing that you can achieve before summer comes. Why not make your small challenge an aim to change just one part of your life to something organic, natural or Fairtrade?
  • A kick-start, for those days when winter tries to creep back in through the side door. Try our fantastic Grumpy Mule coffee or a few squares of great dark chocolate.
  • Something fresh and light, rather than stodge. You could have one of our range of crispbreads – including the raw ones – instead of sandwiches for lunch one day.
  • Something full of the sun: a handful of raisins – the organic ones are 100 times more sweet and juicy than those that come in sad little cardboard packets from the supermarket. Eat a raisin, eat last year’s sunshine!
  • Something exotic, reminding us that there’s more to life than cabbages and mud. How about baby figs, banana chips or diced papaya? Give your baking a spring twist.
  • A new life: for some people, anyway – get your beans, peas and lentils from us now if you’re needing to stock up on some pre-pregnancy folic acid.
  • A cup of hot tea or cocoa: because sometimes, spring seems a little forgetful. There’s still a place for hot cocoa in front of a log fire – for a few more weeks, at least.

Naturally Good Food now list 350 organic wholefood lines

Added on February 14th, 2013
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At Naturally Good Food we buy our organic wholefoods from the major wholesalers, including Community Foods, Infinity and Queenswood. Buying from a variety of different companies enables us to:

  1. offer a great range of wholefoods, both organic and non-organic, in small pre-packs and large bulk sizes;
  2. buy at the most competitive prices, and therefore sell on at equally good prices;
  3. ensure that we have good stock levels – if one supplier is out of stock, we can source from a second.

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Save money on organic dried mango

Added on February 13th, 2013
Found in Dried Fruit, Organic

The 1kg size of organic dried mango is one of our best-selling lines, and as it offers a saving of around 50% on the smaller pre-packed size, it’s no wonder we sell lots. As we sell so much, we have a quick turnaround of stock: the packs we send out will not have sat on our shelves for more than a couple of days.

Buying in bulk not only makes sense for your pocket, but is good for the producers. This organic mango comes from Burkina Faso – one of the world’s financially poorest nations, with severe drought and soil erosion problems. Our suppliers use just one variety of mango (the Brooks variety), which is perfumed and sweet, without too much acid and with no soapiness. Their mango is simply picked when it is very ripe, washed, peeled, sliced by hand and dried on racks. There’s no added colours, preservatives, flavours or sugar. The mango will vary in colour and flavour from season to season, because it is not processed to make its appearance uniform (some suppliers add sugar, which masks any variance in flavour, and add colour to ensure a uniform colour – our suppliers do not).

Don’t forget: dried fruit can be one of your ‘five a day’. Check out the rest of our dried fruit selection, from apple rings to apricots, from cranberries to sultanas. Organic, Fairtrade, bulk and small snack packs – we have the lot.

Pure Food alternatives to adulterated rubbish

Added on January 31st, 2013
Found in Cotesbach Shop, Nuts, Organic

Were you shocked by the horsemeat-in-burgers scandal? Or only shocked that so many other people were shocked?! Had you already, perhaps, suspected that there were ingredients even worse than horsemeat in those burgers….?

You wouldn’t be alone! Most of our customers have a number of pretty shrewd suspicions relating to big, cheap, commercial brands – and their labels. (The sort of things you’re allowed to list as ‘seasoning’, for example, in meat products, are things many of us would be utterly horrified to put in our mouths.) And how about mechanically recovered meat, anyone? The carcasses of the most poorly bred animals, forced at pressure through giant sieves? Mixed with vaguely edible other bits of skin, rind and so on? Maybe not!

Next to our shop in Cotesbach is a fantastic organic butcher’s. Jason sells a great range of organic beef, pork, lamb, chicken and goose, and makes his own sausages and burgers too. The prices are slightly higher than those for traditional butcher’s (and, let’s face it, a lot higher than for horsemeat-value-burgers) – but not half as high as you might think. Why not browse his website, if you’re anywhere near us, and check it out?

And, or course, we can pretty confidently say that none of our own products are contaminated with horsemeat, or anything else you might not be expecting! We specialise in natural food, and organic food – where you know the provenance of everything, and where only natural ingredients are used, with these ingredients used honestly, and honestly listed. We don’t deal with heavily industrialised processes, and don’t work to commercial imperatives that mean that corners have to be cut.

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Can you eat ethically AND cheaply?

Added on January 14th, 2013
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Last week we nominated some of Naturally Good Food’s ethical stars. We try our hardest to stock the most ethical products possible – good for you and for the world. But are they good for your purse too? Can you eat ethically and cheaply?

Well, yes, you probably can, if you can find a way of rearranging your spending, to cancel out bad habits in one area and promote good habits in another.

Here are some of the classic tips, which might help!

Buy high-quality meat, but buy it less often: many people still eat meat every day, in some form. Your body doesn’t need it, and your purse certainly doesn’t! Perhaps try to eat meat just two or three times a week – but buy the best you can. Use the rest of your budget for cheaper forms of protein: cheese and eggs are the obvious ones, but think also about pulses, lentils and tinned fish. Many vegetarian friends also swear by soya mince for ‘vegetarian bolognaise’.

Read the rest of this entry »

Ethical stars – from Naturally Good Food

Added on January 14th, 2013
Found in Cotesbach Shop, Crazy Jack, Dried Fruit, Environmental, Fish4ever, Nuts, Organic, Tinned food

Ethical shopping – and ethical eating – is difficult. There are many competing ethical values, for one thing. Should something be locally produced, cutting down on CO2 emissions, or come from a Fairtrade project abroad? If your local meat comes from your local butcher, who you happen to know has five foreign holidays a year, are you in fact indirectly helping to increase CO2 emissions? Should you simply buy food as cheaply as possible for your children, and keep those charity direct debits going – or buy top-of-the-range food, but spend nothing outside your own family?

At Naturally Good Food, we try to negotiate this minefield for you. We research each company we source products from – and have stopped stocking products where we have been unconvinced of the values of a supplier. We can’t make every decision for you and your family, but we do as much as we can, always asking – is this product ethical? And is it nutritious? If it’s not, we simply don’t stock it. You can be assured, when you buy from us, that you are buying the best possible nutritious food, as ethically as possible.

Here are a few of our ethical stars:

Fairtrade products: we have over 60 Fairtrade products listed. Fairtrade products come from companies working to improve their suppliers’ prices, working conditions, terms of trade and local sustainability issues. We’ve got the popular coffee and chocolate brands, of course – but also some more unusual products: muesli, rice, vanilla pods, ground turmeric, golden syrup… Click here to see the full range.

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Christmas Goodies now on sale – while stocks last

Added on January 8th, 2013
Found in Christmas, Cotesbach Shop, Gluten free, Organic

We just got a few Christmassy things left on our shelf, so I’ve reduced the price to help you eat them up for me.

The organic mince pies are dated till the end of January (and can be frozen), and we have just a few pannetone, dated 16/04/13, and lebkuchen for you too. The Montezuma white chocolate snowmen need a home, perhaps a wintry birthday cake or party treat?

They are in our Cotesbach shop, handy for Lutterworth and Rugby, as well as available online for delivery anywhere in the UK.

Once they are gone, we will have to wait for next Christmas – is this what is known as seasonal eating?

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