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Packaging and the Environment

We are very aware of our customers' desire to minimise their impact on the environment. We too keep our use of packaging to a minimum.

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We can deliver your order to you anywhere in Europe.

An Off Grid - Deep Green Company

As you might expect, we are keen to be as green as we can be. There will always be new things to try, and we aim to continue to learn and implement new ideas. We think we bring this ethos into the products we list: we don't list products we think are wrong for our business, and just as importantly, for our customers. We hope you can see that we are striving to achieve a slightly more open company from how we operate:

Electricity - The site on an average day uses only about 30% of the electricity generated by the solar panels installed next to our building.

Heating - Our heating comes from the field next to the building; it is based on ground-source heating.

Bio Mass - We have a bio-digester, so only clean water leaves the site.

Windows - Our windows have huge solar gain properties, which cuts down on our heating during the summer. Combined with blinds and air-conditioning (powered by the solar panels), this allows us to keep an even temperature all year round, thus ensuring that our stock (your food!) is stored at the right temperature and that we are all comfortable.

Wildlife - The site is about a mile to the nearest building and is set next to the river Avon. We therefore have an abundance of wildlife around us. Coming in the morning and going home at night, it is normal to see herons, hares and swans - and we also have a pair of resident buzzards.

Internet and Phone - We would find it impossible to work without a phone line; this is the only external system we need to function.

To try and be as environmentally responsible as possible, we have looked at other companies and how they operate. We have learnt a great deal and have implemented everything that has been possible.

One of the major factors that drew us to our current location was the ground-source heating. We've just had a new set of solar panels installed, meaning that we could one day be carbon-neutral or even carbon-negative at Bretford. When you buy from Naturally Good Food, you can rest assured that we are trying to do whatever we can to reduce our carbon footprint.

Customer First - One of our main aims in business is to put our customers first; if you want a product and we don't stock it, let us know.

We are a small, family-run company. We think this is a great strength, as we know our customers, and it is not 'just a job' to us. We started as a local buying group when our kids were of pre-school age; they have now all gone through University and into jobs - so as you can see, we've been at this a long time! We're largely self-taught at running a business, so some things we do seem odd to the business professional; but for good or bad, we are who we are!

We started in the McGrath dining room when our three boys were at pre-school. The business grew from a desire to feed our kids on the food we thought best for them; with a number of families with similar views and other young children, we developed a local wholefood buying group.

Over the years, we grew steadily and began to employ staff (see some history highlights below). At the end of 2012 we found we had outgrown our premises in Cotesbach, and with much regret, started the search for somewhere new. Early in 2013 we found what for us seems the perfect location. With a big intake of breath, and much anxiety, we decided to go for it. The photos of us to the right show our original shop (and us with rather younger faces).

Moving premises in 2013

Our current premises suit us really well: our building was originally converted for General Motors as an Advanced Engineering Centre, but after a change of heart in Detroit, the company decided it was not for them.

As you would expect from a modern conversion of an old building, the old barn appearance on the outside has been retained, but inside we have the most modern eco-building you can imagine. For us, it is a heaven-sent building, in the middle of nowhere!

Closing the Cotesbach Shop

The move to new premises meant that sadly we had to close our shop at Cotesbach; however, after some serious health problems in 2011 and 2012, it was clear that we could no longer sustain the long hours required.

Our aim for the future

Now in what we hope is a long-term remission from cancer, we have found our attention focused on what we really want to do. With what we perceive as the long, slow decline of the wholefood shop on the high street, we feel we could have a positive role as a leading wholefood shop on the web.

With a clear plan for the future, we have secured a DEFRA grant designed for rural businesses that want to grow within their communities.

For us now, we see our role as offering a friendly 'warm' face for those seeking an alternative both to the supermarkets and to the bare 'concrete jungle' warehouse environment of the mainstream web companies.

Organic Status

Soil Association Logo

At Naturally Good Food, our aim is to offer the widest possible range of products, in the greatest range of sizes. We have our own organic licence, allowing us to pack whatever size a customer wants. This gives us tremendous flexibility.

Meet the Team

As almost everyone at Naturally Good Food is part-time, we have great difficulty producing a picture of us all together! However, here is a group shot of our Monday team from a year or so ago. As we are a small business, there are certain benefits: everyone gets to do a variety of jobs (and when you are talking to customers, no two days are the same). There is always something new to learn and we are constantly searching for new, healthy, wholesome products to add to our range. If you know of any products that might be of interest, please let us know.

Monday's Team Outside

The Monday Team

Outside our premises, we have a great environment: easy access to major roads for delivery, yet tucked away in the Warwickshire countryside next to the river Avon.

In the photo from left to right, you have Sandy, Keith, Kristy, Sue M, Garry, Sue S and Cathal. A couple have since left for pastures new!

The green field behind is one of the areas our ground-source heating comes from; to the left, we have some new solar panels.

In a small company, every person is critical to making the whole business work. We have been very careful in putting together a team that both works well together and provides you with the best possible service. If you are on the phone to us, here is a short list of who you might be talking to. See our blogs and facebook page as well, for profiles of some of our staff members.

Sue McGrath -Do you all know Sue? Naturally Good Food is Sue's creation. About 20 years ago, when her children were of pre-school age, she found that there was nowhere to buy the food she wanted to feed them. A buying group operating from her kitchen table was formed and like the children, grew and grew into the thriving business you deal with today. Sue manages all aspects of the business, and can frequently be found discussing orders with customers.
Cathal- Sue's husband of some 30 years. Here he is in the photos above, looking full of (organic) beans! Cathal took the plunge in 2001 to enter the business full-time. He's our chief techie man and source of a huge amount of organic knowledge. As directors in a small company, you will often find either Sue or Cathal answering the phone.
Tom McGrath - Tom is now just part-time and most of his energies are directed towards getting his PhD. He does still help with any technical problems with our computers, though, and develops some good things for us.
Maria - Maria is our General Manager: she started at Naturally Good Food three years ago, as part of the dispatch team, and recently took the helm from Naturally Good Food's founder Sue, who is shortly due to retire. Maria is a long-term vegan and passionate foodie. Vegan banana and walnut muffins are her favourite easy-bake recipe, to be enjoyed with a morning cup of Machu Picchu coffee.
Yzanne - Yzanne started as a veg box customer and then joined us as staff. She does much of our bespoke weighing out: if you have one of our pre-packs, the chances are Yzanne packed it, to Soil Association standards. Also a freelance editor and writer, Yzanne writes many of our blogs and product descriptions and casts an editorial eye over our web content.

Tony - Tony is Operations Supervisor at Naturally Good Food. With a background in the catering industry, he's the man who organises staff, suppliers and stock.
Sandy -Sandy was one of the original members of the buying group back when 'God was a boy'. Everyone at Naturally Good Food is a keen foodie, but Sandy is probably the keenest of us all. Sandy has a second part-time job in a local coffee shop and makes most of the home-made cakes they sell. With this wealth of experience, she's the ideal person to talk to if you are an artisan food producer.
Helen - Helen has been with us many years and along with her husband, runs a local farm. As you might expect, being a farmer, Helen has a strong earthy humour! If you're on the phone and hear some laughing in the background, that will just be Helen...
Keith - Keith originally came to help over a busy Christmas period, having just taken early retirement, and has never left! Keith is that steady hand that all teams need.
Gary - Gary recently joined the packing team at Naturally Good Food. He's our resident sports nutrition expert, with a keen interest in exercise and food.
Rob - Rob is our cycling champ - winner of a number of high-profile cycle races. He cycles to join us each week in the packing department and has plenty of advice to give on both exercise regimes and natural nutrition.

As you can see, with a small packing team you will get individual attention, and if you have a query, you're as likely as not to speak to the person who is packing, or has packed, your parcel. We don't have conveyor belts running through the building - but we are efficient and we care.

Janice Janice looks after our accounts and is often the person who answers the phone. Always a friendly voice, unlike the normal 'accounts dragon' you seem to get if you have an enquiry at some other companies.

History: In the early 1990s we ran a large wholefood-buying group from our kitchen table. In 1998, with the kids settled at school, we advertised for some 'proper' customers who were interested in the same type of food as we were supplying to the buying group. From there, we started!

Community Foods connection: Initially, we just delivered locally; after this, we started working with Community Foods in London, supplying their brands by mail order. We began with Crazy Jack, Orgran, Sanchi, Nature's Path and, of course, Emile Noel, and now offer their whole range.

Through the Community Foods connection, we supply Orgran to chemists and pharmacies across the UK for their coeliac patients.

Some of the original members of the buying group continue to get their shopping from us, and a couple now work part-time in the business.

In late 2001, we took the plunge and made it our sole source of income. In November 2003 our shop opened and we started to grow some of our own produce, obtaining full organic status for this.

Our Soil Association status also allows us to pack our own-label organic produce. We follow very strict standards and, like all companies certified by the Soil Association, are subject to an annual audit.

Things are moving on, and we try not to stay still - partly because as you get older, it becomes harder to start again! But in 2013 we took a really big step, moving premises after ten years in our old location.

Some History

  • In January 2006 we had visits from the East Midlands Development Agency and also from the DEFRA minister, Lord Bach, who was then responsible for sustainable farming and food.
  • In January 2007 we hosted Sky News for the day, during their 'Green Britain' week.
  • In the early summer of 2007 we received some funding from the Rural Development Council to improve and build our internet business. Thanks, then, to the RDC for this website!
  • During 2008 we continued to develop and started to offer a discount for buying a case. We had always done this in the shop and thought it a logical extension to offer a discount on the web.
  • In 2008 we also developed the number and variety of gluten-free lines we offered.
  • In 2009 we continued to develop the range of products on offer.
  • At the start of 2010 we increased significantly the number of bulk organic lines.
  • In 2010 we launched our latest website, with many new features.
  • 2011 posed a few problems, with Cathal not being very well, but
  • 2012 saw us all back at work, with lots of new ideas and new products. With support from the government-backed Growth Accelerator Programme, we saw a big increase in our mail order business.
  • Our move to new premises in 2013 went much better than we could ever have anticipated, and we settled in to a good, steady year. At the start of 2014 we gained a grant from DEFRA (under a rural growth scheme) to replace all our old computers and to update our website. This additional new funding has enabled us to expand further and to start exporting across Europe. From the north of Finland to the south of Spain, from Ireland to Greece, we are now just a click of the mouse away.

Ethics: We think there is an alternative way of working that helps you, the customer, and helps us. For example, our local delivery customers collect their old packaging, bubble wrap and so on, which we use for our mail order service. This helps the environment, helps our customers and helps to keep our costs down.

Whenever possible we like to buy from local suppliers. We also like to stock fairly traded goods.

Sue and Cathal: From student days, we have always been interested in food. With the arrival of a family, this developed into an interest in nutrition. This logically moved towards organic food as this trend developed.

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