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Xantham Gum (Xanthum Gum) - 100g

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Xantham Gum  (Xanthum Gum) - 100g
Brand: Doves Farm

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Doves Farm Xantham Gum is for home baking with gluten free recipes to improve the crumb structure and reduce crumbling. This natural ingredient is produced by fermentation of glucose or sucrose by Xanthomonas Campestris . Only 2 tea spoons are required per Gluten Free Bread Loaf. This 110g pack can be used in a variety of gluten free baking recipes.

Ingredients -

Xanthan Gum. Produce of more than one country.

Dietary Attributes -

More -

Made without: nuts, milk, casein, eggs, gluten, soya. UK Packer does not use: nuts. Suitable for vegetarians & vegans

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Item price: £3.25

5 for £14.65 £2.93 ea

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