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Organic Dried Yeast - in sachets - 40 x 9g

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Organic Dried Yeast - in sachets - 40 x 9g
Brand: Bioreal

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Organic Dry Yeast Sachets

Box of 40 individual packs of dried yeast.

When you are baking bread with organic flour it is good to be able to also use organic yeast. This Bioreal dried yeast is in a 9g sachet and so it keeps fresh until you need it (stale yeast can be a common cause of a poor rise) Add the fine yeast directly to the flour, there is no need to dissolve it in liquid first, in fact this could give poor results.


Organic yeast, produced by Agrano, certified gluten free.

Additional Information

Use one sachet for 500g of flour, or as directed in your recippe. Suitable for electric breadmakers as well as by hand.

organic gluten free

Item price: £26.95

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