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Guar Gum - alternative thickener to Xanthum gum - 150g

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Guar Gum - alternative thickener to Xanthum gum - 150g
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Guar Gum

This is a handy ingredient for gluten free cookery as it helps baked goods remain moist, improves texture and can also be used as a gluten free thickener.

A fine, off-white powder which is derived from the guar bean. It comes from the starchy interior of the seed and is nearly eight times more effective as a thickening agent than cornstarch. When used in gluten-free baking it performs several functions: as an emulsifier, a stabiliser, a natural preservative and as a substitute for gluten 'elasticity' in bread doughs and cake batters. It is a good alternative to Xanthan gum and is used in a similar way.

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Guar Gum

Dietary Attributes

Typical Values Per 100g 
Energy (Kj)1280
Energy (kcal)306
Protein (g)4.1
Carbohydrate (g)85
Fat (g)0.7
Fibre (g)85.9
Salt (g)0.02

gluten free dairy free

Item price: £3.89

6 for £21.00 £3.50 ea

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