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Chlorella Powder - 100g

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Chlorella Powder - 100g
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Native to Taiwan and Japan, this super food is rich with phytonutrients including amino acids, chlorophyll, beta-carotene, potassium, phosphorous, biotin, magnesium and the B-complex vitamins.

Chlorella is a blue-green algae like its cousin to spirulina

Chlorella is a microscopic freshwater plant that is often referred to as one of nature's green superfoods.

  • Chlorella contains a natural antibiotic, effective against some harmful bacteria but harmless to healthy bacteria
  • Supports the immune system
  • Removes most heavy metals safely from the body including mercury
  • The chlorella outer cell chelates or binds with the toxic metal and carries it safely out of the body
  • Can help improve mental clarity, aiding concentration and focus
  • Ingredients

    Chlorella (100%) organic

    Dietary Attributes

    Typical Values Per 100g 
    Energy (Kj)1600
    Energy (kcal)382
    Protein (g)58
    Carbohydrate (g)15
    of which sugars (g)1.0
    Fat (g)8
    of which saturates (g)0.7
    Fibre (g)5
    sodium (mg)15
    iron (mg)210
    chlorophyll (g)3.8

    Suggested Use

    Consumption can vary with activity level, start with two tablets a day.

    If you have allergies or a sensative digestion start with a small amount first.


    Item price: £11.34

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