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Tuna White Fish Steaks (Albacore) in - In olive Oil - 120g

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Tuna White Fish Steaks (Albacore) in - In olive Oil - 120g
Brand: Fish4Ever

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White tuna is much appreciated in the US or the Caribbean as albacore and in Northern Spain where it is called "Bonito del Norte". It is a dense 'meat-like' tuna. We only pack high quality fillets - not chunks or pieces. White tuna pairs very well with certain flavours. It's delicious with bacon: thry them together in salads or with broad beans. Alternatively use stuffed in red peppers with cream cheese, or with lemon juice and capers.

Ingredients -

white tuna (75%) cold pressed olive oil *(24%), sea salt

Dietary Attributes -

Typical Value per 100g (drained) Energy 211kcals/884kjoules Protein 26.9g Fat total 11.3g Of which saturates 2.3g Of which monounsaturates 6.3g Of which polyunsaturates 2.0g Of which Omega 3 1.5g Carbohydrates <2g Of which sugars <1g Sodium 0.1g

Use -

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Item price: £3.89

10 for £35.00 £3.50 ea

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