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Skipjack Tuna Chunks In Brine - 160g

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Skipjack Tuna Chunks In Brine - 160g
Brand: Fish4Ever

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This skipjack tuna is sustainably fished by pole and line from the Azores to the middle of the atlantic sea by a small number of local boats. The tuna is landed and packed on the island of Sao Jorge supporting vital local jobs and ensuring a premium quality product.

Ingredients -

Skipjack tuna, water, salt

Dietary Attributes -

Typical value per 100g (drained) Energy 402kJ (96 kcal) Protein 22.3g Carbohydrates 0g (of which sugars) (0g) Fat Total 0.7g (of which saturated) (0.2g) Sodium Salt 0.4g 1g

Use -

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organic gluten free

Item price: £1.99

15 for £26.85 £1.79 ea

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