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MSC Wild Salmon in Brine - 160g

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MSC Wild Salmon in Brine - 160g
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Our pink salmon is fished in the pristine waters of Alaska with purse seine nets set on schools of fish during their annual migration back to the rivers where they spawn. There is no by-catch with this method and the total catch is controlled and monitored in a very proactive way by the Alaskan fishery authorities to ensure stock levels are well maintained. This products comes form a fishery which has been certified to the Marine Stewarship Council's environmental standards for a well-managed and sustainably fishery Msc certifcate number C-BVC- 7548-F

Ingredients -

Alaskan Pink Salmon, boneless and skinless (76%), water, salt.

Net weight 160g, drained weight 112g

Dietary Attributes -

Nutrional Information Typical value per 100g Energy 460 kj (110 cal) Protein 23g Fat Total 2g (of which saturated) (0.4g) (of which mono-unsaturated) (0.5g) (of which poly-unsaturated) (0.6g) (of which Omega 3 polyunsat) (0.6g) Fibre trace* Sodium 0.4g

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gluten free

Item price: £4.22

24 for £91.20 £3.80 ea

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