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Orange Oil Cleaner Concentrate - 500ml

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Orange Oil Cleaner Concentrate - 500ml
Brand: Almawin


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Concentrated Orange Oil CLeaner

This powerful cleaner has the added advantage of smelling delicious too. Dilute to clean all water-resistant surfaces. Depending on how dirty the area to be cleaned, add 2-4 caps (30-60 ml) to 5 litres of water. Please note - Alma Win Orange Oil Cleaner Concentrate becomes milky when diluted with water.


Natural cedrate-citric-terpenes, Emulsifier on vegetable basis, Saccharoidal surfactants, Alcohol, Herb extracts.

Additional Information

Organic - Natural - Eco-friendly - Suitable for Vegans

Suggested Use

Undiluted to clean/remove: Glue residues, Wax and sealing residues, Tar spots, Grease and fat stains, Rubber marks on floors, Ball-point pen and felt-pen spots, Nail polish and oil paints, Clothing stains (always test on a discreet place and wash afterwards), Stains on upholstered furniture and carpets (always test in a discreet place first), Bad odours (e.g. dustbins, compost bins)

Alma Win Orange Oil Cleaner Concentrate can be used on all surfaces but should always tested in a discreet area before use to ensure product suitability for the surface type, especially when using on varnished, sensitive, epoxy surfaces and rubber parts.

Important Safety Instructions: The cedrate-citric-terpenes we use are a natural component of orange peel, and we must make you aware that this product may cause pulmonary damage if it is absorbed into the body. It is inflammable and can irritate the eyes. Always keep lid securely closed and out of the reach of children. Very Important Note: If using to clean the oven cleaner make sure the oven is cold before use.

Item price: £9.90

6 for £53.46 £8.91 ea

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