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Raw Cacao Butter - 240g

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Raw Cacao Butter - 240g
Brand: The Raw Chocolate Co

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Raw Cacao Butter Drops

This aromatic cacao butter is the natural fat from the cocoa bean extracted from the cocoa mass at low temperatures. It is free from dairy, gluten and sugar, has a beautiful floral scent that is the perfect base for raw chocolate making, wonderful for moisturising skin and lip and even perfect for cooking and frying with. Cacao Butter is high in Oelic Acid, is a heart healthy fat and just as good for frying with as coconut oil is, only it doesnt affect the flavour and simply adds a divine richness to your food. The best thing is that you only need a small amount to fry with! Only 3g of cacao butter is enough to fry eggs, added to stews. chillies and curries and 6g cacao butter is all you need to fry meat and fish.


Organic raw cacao butter

Dietary Attributes

Typical Values Per 100g 
Energy (Kj)3677
Energy (kcal)894
Protein (g)0.3
Carbohydrate (g)0.3
of which sugars (g)0.3
Fat (g)99.1
of which saturates (g)63.7
Fibre (g)0
Salt (g)0.2

Additional Information

Cacao Butter is the edible fat extracted from the raw cacao bean. It is a delicious ingredient in raw chocolate & dessert making, as well as great on porridge.

organic fair trade

Item price: £6.69

6 for £36.12 £6.02 ea

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