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Cacao Butter - raw - 200g

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Cacao Butter - raw - 200g
Brand: BonPom

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BonPom Raw Cacao Paste

This is simply the raw cacao nibs pressed into a paste. its a really quick and simple way to make your own raw chocolate - the nibs contain both the cocoa butter and cacoa itself so you can simply melt the paste (in bain marie, a pan over another pan of hot water) and add a sweetener of your choice and pour it into a mould to cool and set.


Organic Raw Crushed Cacao Nibs

Dietary Attributes

Typical Values Per 100g 
Energy (Kj)2403
Energy (kcal)574
Protein (g)18
Carbohydrate (g)33.6
Fat (g)48.4

Additional Information

You can use this to make your own raw chocolate at home. Here is a Raw chocolate recipe to get you started.

Try using lucuma powder or maca powder in your chocolate as well as coconut palm sugar. Don't be afraid to experiment, you can always eat the results!


Item price: £8.99

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