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Syrup Golden - Squeezy Pack - 340g

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Syrup Golden - Squeezy Pack - 340g
Brand: Crazy Jack

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Crazy Jack Organic Fairtrade Golden Syrup is another first for Crazy Jack. The very first syrup produced from sugars coming from a Fairtrade cooperative in Paraguay. It has been a tough job the producers have limited resources and we have to take extra care in cleaning and preparing the sugar to make our syrup. Why make the effort when there are cheaper and easier options around? Well, the extra effort means that this group have an outlet for their sugar and an opportunity to earn income and invest in their own future. Working with them to improve their facilities is an investment for them and security and independence for their families.

Ingredients -

*Organically Grown Sugar 85%, Water *85% Fair Trade Ingredients

Dietary Attributes -

(Typical values per 100g) ENERGY 332kcal/1410kJ PROTEIN 0g CARBOHYDRATE 83g FAT 0g

More -

The syrup we prepare is not exclusively for Crazy Jack as a trader supplying organic ingredients, we are able to sell the syrup to other manufacturers and packers our responsibility is to do the best for the growers and distribute their product as widely as possible. In doing so, we know that these efforts have a direct and beneficial impact on the lives of the growers. Crystallisation occurs naturally in Golden Syrup. If this happens, place the jar in a warm place to return the syrup to its clear state.

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Item price: £3.09 £2.78 10%

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