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Syrup Agave - 2.5lt

Sugar - Baking

Syrup Agave - 2.5lt
Brand: Crazy Jack

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Crazy Jack agave nectar comes from a cactus-like plant that is native to Mexico. Itis very sweet, but with a mild flavour, and is used by many as an alternative to sugar, honey or other types of sweetener. It is particularly useful for vegans looking for an alternative to sugar, who are unable to eat honey.

To make the syrup, the leaves are cut off the agave plant and the juice extracted from the core of the plant. The syrup has a much lower glycaemic index than normal table sugar and is thought to produce less of a sugar swing.It mixes easily for drinks and baking.

When baking with agave syrup, it is recommended that you use just two-thirds of the usual quantity that you would have used of sugar. You should also slightly reduce the cooking temperature of the oven, and slightly increase the cooking time

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100% Organic Agave Syrup

organic dairy free

Item price: £24.95

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