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Sukrin Melis - alternative to icing sugar Out of Stock - 220g

Sugar - Baking

Sukrin Melis - alternative to icing sugar Out of Stock - 220g
Brand: Sukrin


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Sukrin is available in finely ground form, which makes it a fantastic substitute for icing sugar. SukrinMelis dissolves more easily than regular Sukrin, and is suitable for:

Cakes and desserts that are not baked (for example, cheesecake)

Cream cheese icing, buttercream

Glace icing, made with water, lemon juice or egg white

Iced tea and other cold drinks


Decorating and dusting


SukrinMelis can also be used in baking in the same way as Sukrin, the sweetness is the same.

When you use Sukrin Melis to make icings you may want to add some regular icing sugar to taste to balance the consistency: you will still have a reduced sugar end-product without compromising on taste.

Ingredients -

Sweetener: Erythritol (of natural origin)

Dietary Attributes -

Per 100g: Energy 0kcal, fat 0g, Carbohydrates 100g of which sugars 0g. Dietary fibre 0g, protien 0g, salt 0g

More -

gluten free dairy free

Item price: £4.45

6 for £24.00 £4.00 ea

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