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Coconut Jam - Like Duche de Leche - 330g

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Coconut Jam - Like Duche de Leche - 330g
Brand: Coconut Merchant

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Coconut Jam

Made from simply coconut milk and coconut sugar, boiled together to make this caramel like spread. If you have ever used Dulche de Leche then this is very similar in taste and use (but dairy free). Use it in cooking or as a dessert sauce or as a filling for cakes. It has a spreadable but firm texture. The taste is fudgey but with a flavour of coconut (not surprisingly !)

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Coconut Milk, coconut sugar

Additional Information

Gluten free and vegan. May have white spots of coconut in the jam which you can simply stir back in.

gluten free dairy free

Item price: £5.99

12 for £64.68 £5.39 ea

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