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Many people are now moving to soya milk as an alternative to cow's milk. This can be for many reasons, including taste. Among the main reasons for choosing soya milk are the following:

  • soya milk is lactose-free
  • soya milk is vegan and only contains vegetable proteins
  • fewer people are allergic to soya milk than to dairy
  • soya milk can help reduce cholesterol
  • soya milk contains no hormones
  • soya milk does not cause insulin-dependent diabetes
  • soya milk is rich in isoflavones


Whatever your reasons for choosing soya milk, you can be sure of getting a good price from Naturally Good Food, with our 10% case discount offer.


Soya milk brands stocked

 At Naturally Good Food we like to offer a choice. For soya milk, we stock products from:

  • Bonsoy: provides a really popular soya milk, especially favoured by coffee-shop owners!
  • Provamel: offers a large range of soya milks in different flavours, with some great 250ml packets that are perfect for lunch boxes.
  • Sojade: has two good all-round soya milks for everyday use, which work well in cooking and hot drinks.


Try the different brands on offer and choose the one that suits you best. There is no right or wrong answer, just pick what you like - soya milk does vary from one brand to another.

Soya milk tends to have a reasonable shelf life, but is heavy to carry, so makes an ideal product to buy by mail order. Take the strain out of carrying your soya milk home, and get the postal service to do it!


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