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Soya Milk sweetened Calcium and Vitamins - Light blue pack - 1lt

Soya Milk - Dairy Free

Soya Milk sweetened Calcium and Vitamins - Light blue pack - 1lt
Brand: Provamel

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Sweetened Soya Milk with added Calcium and Vitamins, a delightful alternative to dairy milk naturally low in saturated fat.

Ingredients -

- Water - Hulled organic soya beans (6.4%) - Apple extract (3.3%) - Tri-calcium phosphate - Maltodextrin - Sea salt - Stabiliser: Gellan gum - Vitamins B2, B12, D2

Dietary Attributes -

Average nutritional value per 250 ml Energy 438 / 105 Protein 6,5g Carbohydrates of which: 6,5g sugars 6,3g lactose nil Fat of which 4,8g saturates 0,8g mono-unsaturates 1g polyunsaturates of which 3g linoleic Acid (OMEGA-6) 2,73g Alpha-Linolenic Acid (OMEGA-3) 0,35g cholesterol nil Fibre 1,5g Sodium 0,15g (Equivalent as salt) 0,38g Calcium 300 mg (38%)* Vitamins: B2 0.6 g (38%)* Vitamins: B12 1.25 ug (125%)* Vitamins: D2 1.88 ug (38%)* * = % of the recommended daily allowance These values are approximate due to the variations which occur

Suggested Use

Great on your breakfast cereal or use in hot and cold drinks instead of dairy milk.

gluten free dairy free

Item price: £2.29

12 for £24.72 £2.06 ea

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