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Soya Milk Sweetened plus calcium - Dark blue pack - 1lt

Soya Milk - Dairy Free

Soya Milk Sweetened plus calcium - Dark blue pack - 1lt
Brand: Provamel

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Code: 058.5033
Barcode: 5411188083177

Ingredients -

- water - hulled soya beans (6.4%) - organic apple concentrate *(3.3%) - sea salt *= organically grown/produced. Certified by CERTISYS-BE-1

Dietary Attributes -

Average nutritional value per 250 ml Energy/kcal 433 / 103 Protein 8,3 g Carbohydrate of which: 6 g lactose nil sugars 6 g Fat of which 4,8 g saturates 0,8 g mono-unsaturates 1 g polyunsaturates of which 3 g alpha-linolenic acid (OMEGA-3) 0,35 g linoleic acid (OMEGA-6) 2,73 g cholesterol nil Fibre 1,5 g Sodium 0,15 g (Equivalent as salt) 0.38 g These values are approximate due to the variations which occur in natural ingredients.

More -

Cholesterol free Gluten free Lactose free 100% vegetable

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organic dairy free

Item price: £2.29

12 for £24.72 £2.06 ea

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