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Soya Milk Bonsoy - great in coffee - 1lt

Bonsoy Soy Milk - Dairy Free

Soya Milk Bonsoy - great in coffee - 1lt
Brand: Bonsoy

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Bonsoy Soy Milk

This is a really creamy-tasting soya milk which can be drunk as it is or used in hot drinks, smoothies and cooking in place of other milks.

As well as tasting exceptionally good, it does not split (seperate) in hot drinks such as coffee. It was originally created by Japanese soya experts using traditional recipes perfected over centuries and is now produced in Australia by Spiral Foods.

Bonsoy Soya Milk is really great in coffee, and many discerning professional cafes, restaurants and tea rooms use it. In fact as it works well with espresso it has become know as something of a favourite of Baristas;

The barista secret is to heat the Bonsoy Soya Milk to 50 - 60 C. As the steam enters the Bonsoy, angle the jug to encourage the liquid to spin. Continue with this whirlpool method until you reach between 50 -60 degrees. Let it settle for around 30 seconds to develop the perfect pouring texture, then pour in a circular motion. It can then be stretched and free poured.

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Ingredients -

Water, Organic Soybeans 15%, Tapioca Starch, Sea salt, Japanese barley, Calcium Carbonate.

Dietary Attributes -

Per 100ml:

Energy 256kJ/61kcal, Protein 4.1g, Carbohydrates 5.5g, of which sugars 2.2g, Fat 2.2g, of which saturates 0.3g, of which trans fats <0.1g, Fibre 1.4g, Sodium 0.05g, Calcium 25mg.

No Cholesterol, no preservatives. No longer with Kombu


This travels well by carrier and you can get four cases of 6 packs in one parcel. If you don't have much room for storage this can be a useful way to get it delivered to your door as and when you need it, whether you are in a busy High Street, or out in the countryside. Normally we can dispatch for next day delivery, Monday to Friday.

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dairy free

Item price: £3.99

6 for £21.54 £3.59 ea

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