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Soya Dream - Alternative to Single Cream - 250ml

Soya Milk - Dairy Free

Soya Dream - Alternative to Single Cream - 250ml
Brand: Provamel

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Ingredients -

- water - organic sunflower oil* (15%) - hulled organic soya beans* (6.0 %) - organic wheat syrup* - emulsifier: Soya lecithins - stabilisers: Xanthan gum, Guar gum and Carrageenan - sea salt - natural flavouring - antioxidant: Natural Tocopherol * = organically grown/produced, certified by Certysis-BE-1.

Dietary Attributes -

typical values per 100 ml Energy kJ/kcal 784/190 Protein 3.1g Carbohydrates of which 3.7g sugars 3.1 g lactose nil Fat of which 17.9g saturates 2.3g mono-unsaturates 4.2g poly-unsaturates 11.4g cholesterol nil Fibre 0.7g Sodium 0.06g (Equivalent as salt) 0.15g

More -

Cholesterol free Gluten free Lactose free 100% vegetable

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Item price: £1.12

15 for £15.15 £1.01 ea

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