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Pure Glycerine Soap Rose - 100g

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Pure Glycerine Soap Rose - 100g
Brand: Caurnie

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There are several features about these soaps that lift them above all others:

Generations of experience and passion behind every bar of organic soap: Founded in 1922, Caurnie Soap is the oldest soap maker in both Scotland and the Celtic world, still using the same soap cutting equipment the founders used.

Each unit of soap is cold-process hand made to vegan standards, using a highly skilled double saponification process that produces an especially gentle result. All the soaps are suitable for delicate skins or allergy sufferers who prefer natural skin care to provide solutions.

The manufacturing process uses the principals of low energy usage and hand crafting; Caurnie are promoters of minimal-to-no-impact packaging and biodegradable ingredients.

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So whether you have a love of lavender, a passion for patchouli or a need for nettle, there is a wholesaop for you.

What is Wholesoap?

Caurnie specialise in traditional Scottish soap. Cold process vegetable and herbal soaps are usually called Natural handmade soaps although this term is better referred to as wholesoap because the whole of the oil remains in the soap albeit in the form of glycerine.

As custodians of the cold process, the family of Caurnie Soap have generations of skill in producing these unique soaps - low energy in production, gentle in use and Vegan. It is maturable, resulting in less waste and more longlasting - ECOLOGICAL AND ECONOMCAL without compromising with modern sulphur detergents, or propylene glycol.

These soaps are the essence of fresh, effective and wild. A living tradition as pure as the return of season.

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Item price: £2.49

12 for £26.88 £2.24 ea

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