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Sunflower Seed - 100g

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Sunflower Seed - 100g
Brand: Crazy Jack

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Crazy Jack Organic Sunflower Seeds come from either the USA or China as the sale of this product means we have to ensure we have good sources of supply. Did you know? Sunflower seeds are a good source of iron and unsaturated fatty acids.

Ingredients -

Sunflower Seeds* *Organically grown and processed

Dietary Attributes -

(Typical values per 100g) ENERGY 588kcal/2349kJ PROTEIN 20g CARBOHYDRATE 19g Of which sugars 1.7g FAT 48g of which saturates 4.5g Of which mono-unsaturated 10.67g Of which Poly unsaturated 28.15g FIBRE 6g SODIUM 0.02g Iron 6.4mg (45% of RDA)

More -

To intensify the taste of sunflower seeds, lightly toast them in a dry pan and add to salads, home made bread, in a sandwich on muesli, yogurt or baked potatoes. Oil from sunflower seeds is widely available and sold for its health properties, but buyers beware the oil is very delicate with a low smoking point and is often extracted using toxic hydrocarbons which are then removed before sale never the less, some of these hydrocarbons are lost in the process and some residues exist in the oils as well as escape into the atmosphere and water outflows where they are harmful pollutants. Whilst this is approved by current food and manufacturing regulations, we believe that it is unnecessary and should be avoided. Look for cold pressed virgin sunflower oil to dress your salads. Try Emil Noels Extra Virgin Organic Sunflower Oil available online and in good health food shops see for details. They were the first company in Europe to produce cold pressed, organic oils back in the 1970s. To overcome the problems of low smoking points, manufacturers denature the oil by either a chemical or physical process as this alters the profile of the oil. If you want denatures sunflower oil for stir frying, try Emile Noels Organic Sunflower Oil for Frying the oil has been treated by steam to denature it and make it suitable for use at higher temperature no hydrocarbons are used in the process.

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Item price: £0.89

8 for £6.40 £0.80 ea

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