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Pumpkin Seeds - 1kg

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Pumpkin Seeds - 1kg
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Organic Pumpkin Seeds

Lovely dark green crispy Pumpkin seeds which are ready to eat from the bag, or can be used ground up in baking, lightly toasted for a snack or sprinkled onto salads.

Are you short of zinc? You might be as our bodies can not store zinc, so we need to replace it continually. This can be hard if you don't eat meat, and unexpectedly perhaps healthy high fibre diets also run the risk of inhibiting zinc absorption.

Pumpkinseeds, sometimes known as pepita, are a great source of this mineral. Theyre also rich in protein, unsaturated fats and fibre. With a nutty taste, these edible seeds are great in cereals and muesli, sprinkled onto porridge, used in baking or just taken in handfuls as a snack. We source our pumpkinseeds from China and the USA.

Ingredients -

Pumpkin Seeds* *Organically grown and processed

Dietary Attributes -

(Typical values per 100g) ENERGY 566kcal/2348kJ PROTEIN 25g CARBOHYDRATE 13g Of which sugars 1.1g FAT 46g of which saturates 8.7g Of which mono-unsaturated 13.30g Of which Poly unsaturated 21.71g FIBRE 3.9g SODIUM 0.02g Zinc 6.6mg (44% of RDA)

More -

Pumpkin seeds are a good source of protein and zinc. They are also rich in unsaturated fats. Our bodies contain 2 to 3 grams of zinc.

We dont store up zinc so we need to replace it continually through our diet. 60% of the zinc in our bodies can be found in our muscles, around 30% in our bones and around 5% in the skin. Vegetarians can suffer from zinc deficiency as not only do they avoid meat which is a good source of zinc, but a diet high in dietary fibre can also inhibit zinc absorption. Remember to eat a wide and varied diet.

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Item price: £7.77 £6.99 10%

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