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Linseed Gold - 5kg

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Linseed Gold - 5kg
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Organic golden linseed - 5kg

Also known as flaxseed, this mid-bulk bag of organic linseed is golden yellow in colour, with a subtle nutty flavour. Linseed contains both soluble and insoluble fibre and is rich in protein and Omega 3 fatty acids. It's a great way to add nutrition, texture and taste to your diet.

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We also stock brown linseed, which tends to have a more pronounced flavour.


Organic linseed.

Dietary Attributes

Typical Values Per 100g 
Energy (Kj)2196
Energy (kcal)532
Protein (g)23.0
Carbohydrate (g)1.7
of which sugars (g)1.6
Fat (g)43.1
of which saturates (g)3.4
Fibre (g)22.8
Salt (g)0.07

Additional Information

Sprinkle over muesli, yoghurt and smoothies - or add to baked goods for a delicious nuttiness. Linseed is also a valuable thickener (and a good substitute for eggs in baking), as the seeds swell in liquid, releasing a mucilage. Wet linseeds can even be stuck together in sheets and rolled out to make crackers.


Item price: £19.98 £17.98 10%

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