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Alfalfa Seeds - 250g

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Alfalfa Seeds - 250g
Brand: Infinity

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Organic alfalfa seeds for sprouting and microgreens

A 250g bag of organic alfalfa seeds, high in protein, calcium and vitamins B, C, D, E and K. These seeds are specially selected for sprouting: they add a mild flavour and slightly crunchy texture to dishes.

These seeds can also be used for microgreens, which are grown in compost. Fresh sprouts and greens are great in salads, sandwiches, casseroles and soups and can be grown throughout the year. They're bursting with vitality and nutrition.

You can see our full range of sprouting seeds, pulses and grains here - and our sprouting equipment helps make it all easy.

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Organic alfalfa seeds

Additional Information

Sprouts are seeds that have germinated, releasing their nutrients. Microgreens are the first couple of leaves of a plant.


Item price: £3.42

6 for £18.48 £3.08 ea

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