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Linseed (Flax) UK - Golden - 25kg

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Linseed (Flax) UK - Golden - 25kg
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Linseed (Flax) ins 25kg bulk sack

Sourced from the UK, this 25kg bag meets the needs of small manufacturers, restaurants and cafes, particularly those looking for more localy grown food. Linseed (sometimes referred to as flax) has been called Britain's forgotten crop which is a surprise, as it tolerates our wet summers very well!


100% linseed

Dietary Attributes

- (Typical values per 100g) ENERGY 284kcal/1960kJ PROTEIN 23g CARBOHYDRATE 5g FAT 40g


Linseed is increasingly grown in the UK. It is an annual herb, recognisable by the blue flowers that are so pretty in the spring. Toasted linseed oil is used to oil wood to get the quintessential sound of leather on willow, British cricketers use linseed to oil their willow bats and keep them supple, so that they don't split. Cracked linseed is great for the digestion as well as the seeds swell and release a mucilage that helps provide bulk for your intestine and a smooth passage for the contents of your meal!

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