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Soy Sauce Shoyu natural large - Japanese - 5lt

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Soy Sauce Shoyu natural  large - Japanese - 5lt
Brand: Sanchi

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Barcode: 5012246022222
Authentic traditional Japanese Soy Sauce, naturally aged over a period of eighteen months in cedarwood kegs.

Ingredients -

Water, Soya Beans, Wheat, Sea Salt, Koji (aspergillus oryzae).

Dietary Attributes -

Nutrition Information (per 100g) Energy 242kJ/58kcal Protein 7.5g Carbohydrate 7.1g Fat Trace

More -

As a savoury seasoning instead of salt. Ideally added one minute before the end of cooking. Excellent for seasoning soups, stocks, broths, marinades, salad dressings, sauces, pickles, stir-fries, any kind of vegetable, vegetarian or fish dish. Also ideal as a condiment to add to meals.


Authentically made in the centuries-old manner

Full bodied with plenty of taste and character

Draws out flavours rather than overpowers them

An essential item in the kitchen of every discerning cook

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