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Pickled Ginger - while stocks last - 90g

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Pickled Ginger - while stocks last - 90g
Brand: Sanchi

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This deliciously sweet tangy condiment is made from fresh slices of raw ginger pickled with Ume Plum Vinegar (the liquid from umeboshi preparation), traditional rice malt added for sweetness and shiso leaves (the herb Perilla Frutescens) used as a natural pink colouring.

Ingredients -

Ginger, Water, Rice and Malt Vinegar, Ume Plum Vinegar, Shiso Leaves, Salt.

Dietary Attributes -

Nutrition Information (per 100g) Energy 207kJ/49kcal Protein 1.7g Carbohydrate 9.5g Fat 0.7

More -

Traditionally served with sushi or sashimi (raw fish), it is also delicious in stir fries, soups, broths and stews instead of fresh ginger. Also good as a condiment with cooked grain or pasta dishes.


Whilst standard pickled ginger nowadays is often artificially sweetened and coloured, Sanchi Pickled Ginger is made in the traditional manner Can be kept in the cupboard as a standby for when you need ginger in a savoury dish

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Item price: £4.99

6 for £26.94 £4.49 ea

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