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Green Nori Flakes - 20g

Sea Vegetables - Japanese Food

Green Nori Flakes - 20g
Brand: Clearspring

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Herb-like flakes of Clearspring Green Nori Sprinkle make an attractive topping for pizza and pasta, rice and noodles, soups and salads.

Ingredients -

Clearspring Green Nori Sprinkle is Enteromorpha spp., wild harvested and dried in Japan.

Dietary Attributes -

More -

They are also delicious incorporated into breads, muffins and crpes, sauces dressings and dips.

Green Nori Sprinkle is a different variety of sea vegetable to sheet nori, containing significantly higher levels of minerals, making it a nourishing as well as tasty condiment to keep handy for serving with all kinds of food.

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Item price: £2.19

10 for £19.70 £1.97 ea

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