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Sale - Prunes Pitted Best before end nov 16 - 500g

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Sale - Prunes Pitted Best before end nov 16 - 500g
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Prunes Pitted 500g

Prunes are dried plums: but not all plums can be prunes! To become a prune, a plum needs to have a soft, thin, sweet skin, while the fruit must be full of natural sugar, so that it will preserve well when dried. One of our most popular dried fruits, these prunes have a sweet, rich flavour and a bright, shiny black appearance.


Prunes, potassium sorbate

Dietary Attributes

- (Typical values per 100g) ENERGY 681kJ/160kcal CARBOHYDRATE 34.8g FIBRE 14.5g FAT 0.5g


The combination of fibre, natural sugars and antioxidants in prunes, as well as their great flavour, make them a superb healthy snack. Dried prunes have a strong humectant (water-absorbing effect). Not only are they good for the digestion, but with their combination of sugars and soluble fibre, make an excellent replacement for fat in baking.

Item price: £3.25 £2.27 30%

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