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Sale - Almonds Whole - BB 31.01.20 - 100g

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Sale - Almonds Whole - BB 31.01.20 - 100g
Brand: Crazy Jack

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Natural Almonds have a subtle, yet rich flavour, slightly more astringent than blanched almonds, and make an idea companion to sweet or savoury foods. They are primarily used for cake decoration, however the mild flavour is also an excellent complement to vibrant Asian flavours.Crazy Jack sweet almonds come from Spain; they have a slightly thicker skin than American almonds and may contain the occasional bitter nut

Ingredients - Almonds* *Organically grown and processed

Dietary Attributes - ENERGY 623kcal/2584kJ PROTEIN 21g CARBOHYDRATE 20g Of which sugars 4.8g FAT 51g of which saturates 3.9g FIBRE 12g SODIUM 0.02g

Use - To remove the skin, simply soak for a minute in hot water, remove and squeeze the kernel the nut will pop out of its little jacket. Try toasting, finely chopping and tossing into ginger saut, or adding toasted to Chinese vegetable stir-fry dishes.

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Item price: £2.69 £1.61 40%

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