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Wild Rice - 20 mins cook - 22.62kg

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Wild Rice - 20 mins cook - 22.62kg
Brand: Naturally Good Food

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Also available: 2.5kg

Organic Wild Black Rice is an uncultivated seed variety of rice with a very intense flavour. It comes from a co-operative and is grown and harvested in a traditional manner, it is dependant on the natural flooding of the lakes where this crop grows.

Buying Wild rice in a sack reduces are cost per portion enormously, for artisan salad producers this can make a huge difference to your profit margin.

Ingredients -

Wild Rice* *Organically grown and processed

Dietary Attributes -

(Typical values per 100g) ENERGY 342kcal/1454kJ PROTEIN 12.6g CARBOHYDRATE 71.6g FAT 0.6g

More -

Wild rice is not a true rice at all, it comes from a grass! Only small quantities of wild rice are produced every year and each year, the rains determine the yield of crop. Global warming means that this natural crop is under threat through lower rainfalls.

Item price: £356.72 £321.05 10%

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