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Rice Brown Long Grain - 2kg

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Rice Brown Long Grain - 2kg
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Long Grain Brown Rice is a staple for much of the worlds population. It is a source of fibre, and naturally low in sodium and fat. Brown rice possesses a slightly chewy texture and nut-like flavour.

Ingredients -

Long Grain Brown Rice* *from organic agriculture

Dietary Attributes -

(Typical values per 100g) ENERGY 349kcal/1483kJ PROTEIN 6.9g CARBOHYDRATE 74g Of which sugars 1.3g FAT 2.8g of which saturates trace FIBRE 4.9g SODIUM Less than 0.1g

More -

You can rinse and soak your rice overnight to reduce cooking time. Add a squeeze of lemon juice when cooking the rice to add extra flavour and fragrance. Brown rice is the whole unpolished rice grain with an outer layer of brown, fibre rich bran. Because the bran is not stripped from the rice kernel, brown rice contains four times the amount of insoluble fibre found in white ricea prime reason for eating brown rice instead of white. It is suitable for most Indian and Oriental dishes, and perfect for pilafs, entrees and salads.

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Item price: £8.02 £7.22 10%

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