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Rice Basmati Brown - 500g

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Rice Basmati Brown - 500g
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This Indian rice is grown on the foothills of the Himalayas, in the Terai region which borders Nepal and India. Silt and nutrients in the waters of the upper Ganges river help maintain the natural fertility of the soil.Basmati is a regionally protected name so the rice can only come from a limited area.

Ingredients -

Basmati Rice* *from organic agriculture

Dietary Attributes -

(Typical values per 100g) ENERGY 377kcal/1600kJ PROTEIN 6.7g CARBOHYDRATE 81g FAT 2.8g


The rice growing area is very special as it falls in a valley that floods once a year with the snow melt. This means the growers only get one crop a year from their fields, but each year the fields are fertilized by the melt waters. The result is spectacular rice, firm with a fantastic fragrance.

Growing organically in this area is very important as otherwise harmful residues and pesticides would run off into the rivers, affecting all those down stream. Being limited to one crop a year compared with two crops in other regions poses a few problems, so the Fair Trade rice premium ensures above market prices for the Basmati Rice plus a social premium that is paid directly to the co-operative and invested in projects nominated by the farming community.

This is dehusked but unpolished brown rice that contains the germ of the plant and is highly nutritious. Cooking time is longer than white rice, normally around 35 minutes.

organic fair trade

Item price: £2.42 £2.18 10%

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